Friday, July 29, 2011

Coffee Corner

When I was going through a tough time, I had a routine of getting up each morning and going to the coffee shop. It made me get out of the house. I cultivated a "coffee family" there, and I am grateful for those relationships. We talk about the best things. My coffee family is has diminished over the years. Some have moved. Others got new jobs that didn't allow for coffee time. Some out grew the coffee shop. I have also made new "family members". I enjoy going when I can which ends up being about once a week. Sometimes we do the crossword together. Sometimes I leave there not knowing what we talked about. I'm going to have a "coffee corner" post once in a while that reflects some of my thoughts from the coffee shop conversation. I'll start with a joke I heard yesterday thanks to MJ:

There was a grocery worker stocking produce. A woman came up to him and asked him where the broccoli was. The stocker replied that they didn't have any broccoli and they might the next morning and continued back to arranging produce. Shortly, the woman asks again, where is the broccoli? The stocker a little annoyed, again told her that there was no broccoli and continued to arranging produce.

The woman got into his face and forcefully asks, "Where's the broccoli?".

The produce man asked her, "Ma'm how do you spell dog as in dogma?"

The lady replies "D-O-G".

"How do you spell cat as in catalyst?" he asks.

"C-A-T" was her reply.

"How do you spell FUCK as in broccoli?"

The woman thinks and says, "There's no fuck in broccoli!"

The man says, "That's what I've been trying to tell you!!!!"


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