Thursday, July 28, 2011


I recently rented the movie SANCTUM produced by James Cameron. I admitedly was drawn to this movie because it was produced by James Cameron. TITANIC and AVATAR were amazing to me. I was even more drawn to it when I read that it was about an exploration of cave diving. One of the reasons I feel in love with Star Trek is because of the exploration aspect. I had a love affair with the idea of "boldly going where no man had gone before." So most movies about exploration draw me in. It is true, this movie is about exploration. It is about a team of individuals exploring a complicated cave in the south pacific. A mass storm collapses the cave and this movie is about this group of individuals journey to see daylight again. It wasn't the exploration that I thought about after watching this show, it was each individuals ability to deal with stress. Each person dealt with adversity and survivial differently. Of course, upon reflection . . . . you hope if you were put into a similar situation you would be the sane and non-crazy (word?) one. I do know that life brings us adversity all the time. Big and small. Humans handle it differently. Believe me, I have witnessed people handle crisis differently. Not that one persons way is right or wrong -- it just is. Adveristy requires us to be patient, figure out the next step, and decifer what gains outweigh the losses. How would you react? Truth is . . . . . you never know until you're put into that situation.

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